The Complete Workshop for Becoming
A Digital Nomad.

Learn how I am able to Travel the World and earn ₹3 lakh every month just from my Laptop and Internet…


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This 3 Days workshop has been designed in such a way that a learner can learn everything PRACTICALLY. You are going to learn from basics of freelancing to advance level freelancing and how to get your first client within 7 days with my 100% proven method.

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Only 11 Seats Left ... Hurry Now!

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The workshop starts from 5th November (Friday) at 8 pm

Introducing Your Mentor Piyush Harne

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Digital Nomad | Traveler | Youtuber | Freelancer

I am Piyush Harne a world traveler, a digital nomad, a Youtuber, and an entrepreneur. I started living the digital nomad lifestyle in 2018. I am a college dropout. I decided to quit college and pursue my dream of traveling the world. Dropping out of college was the best decision of my life.

I self-taught myself digital marketing skills and started working as a freelancer. Now I have been traveling for the past 2.5 years and working remotely and living a dream of my life. I have also helped many people achieve their dream of becoming a digital nomads.

What Actully Digital Nomad Means?

Someone who works remotely, typically as a freelancer or entrepreneur, as they travel the world, visiting different places for weeks or months at a time.

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I am gonna tell you 5 benefits of being a Digital Nomad.

Do You Know Freelancing is BOOMING Right Now Like Crazy! 

Freelancing is growing year after year!

Here’s your chance to take advantage of this opportunity!

3 Days Freelancing Workshop

[ 2+ Hours ]

Firstly am gonna teach you basics of Freelancing and Online business. On this day you will learn about fiverr. Fiverr is the biggest marketplace for freelancers. I will show you practically how to create seller account on fiverr,  how to register a gig how to make a perfect gig, how to price your gig etc.

[ 2+ Hours ]

On day 2, i will teach you how to launch your first gig and how to get your first client within 5 days. You will also learn about promoting your gig, do and dont’s of freelancing, how to get more traffic on fiverr gig, about seo and much more. I will also tell my secret of earning $2000+ per month consistently just from fiverr.

[ Live Session ]

On the finel day which is our day 3, I will be live with you and solve all your questions and queries you have about freelancing and the digital nomad lifestyle.

What You'll Get in 3 Days Freelancing Workshop​?

Basic of Freelancing.

You will learn Freelancing from scratch without any prior knowledge.

Proven Strategies

All the strategies and methods taught in this workshop are proven and tested.

Practical Knowledge

This workshop is not like other workshops. There is 95% practical knowledge And 5% theoretical.

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Why This 3 Days Freelance Workshop?

What Will You Learn In 3 Day Freelance Workshop?

Day 1 : Overview Of Freelance Workshop
(2 Hrs+ Content)

DAY 2 : Practical Freelancing (LIVE RECORDED - 2 HRS CONTENT)


Register today to unlock Bonuses worth ₹25,000/- For You...

Bonus #1
Youtube Travel Vlogging
Crash Course

This is a 10 Module travel vlogging crash course in which you will learn how to start your travel vlogging YT Channel and make money from youtube. I have poured 1.5 years of my travel vlogging experience in this course. You will learn how to start YT channel? which camera to use? which editing software? Which laptop? etc. All tricks and tips I Shared in this course helped me reaching to 66k subscribers in 1.5 years. In short there is everything in the course which will make you successful YT vlogger.

Original Value - Rs. 6,000/-

Bonus #2
Travel Hacks E-book
by Piyush

After traveling for 3 years in more than 12 countries I can say that I have enough knowledge to share you some travel hacks which is going to save lot of your time and money. In this eBook, you will learn how to plan your travel?, packing list, how to decide your budget, how to find cheap hostels/hotels, sim cards, etc.

Original Value - Rs. 3,000/-

Bonus #3
1000+ Premium WordPress
Themes& Plugins

In this premium Bundle You Will Get 1000+ Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins Absolutely Free. You Can Take Your WordPress Skills To The Next Level With The Help Of This Premium Bundle. This Bundle Contains Over 30+ Gb Data Overloaded With Premium Themes and Plugins So That You Don’t Need To Worry About Purchasing any Premium Themes and Plugins From Any Marketplace.

Original Value - Rs. 16,000/-

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See this Amazing Results After 3 Days Workshop

3 days freelance workshop is worth much more than I paid. I started working as a freelancer right away after the workshop and got my first client within 9 days. I am looking forward to get more clients and then I will start living digital nomad lifestyle.
Paraj Surjuse
I saw ad on Facebook about this workshop. And I was thinking whether to pay for workshop or not. I joined after seeing couple more ads. And joining this workshop was best decision. I get connected to digital nomad community. I am happy to be part of it. I am looking forward to travel as soon as pandemic ends.
Nikhil Bhusari
I am Piyush's YouTube channel subscriber and I am fan of his traveling. He launched this workshop and I was very excited to join. It was 100% worth it. Initially I though I don't have any skills, How can I become FREELANCER? But Piyush guided me and now I am selling my services as Freelancer and living Laptop Lifestyle.
Minal Tule

Frequently Asked Questions

Q . How long do I have access to this workshop?

A . After enrolling, you have lifetime access to this workshop. But you have to attend day 3 live session.

Q . Will I get recorded videos of all 3 days in case I miss workshop?

A. Yes, you will get recording to all 3 days once workshop ends.

Q . What are the requirements to start freelancing and live Digital Nomad lifestyle?

A . You should have laptop, internet connection and the most important GROWTH Mindset and Discipline.

Q . Who this 3 days workshop is for?

A . Anybody who wants to start an online business, anybody who wants to TRAVEL THE WORLD, anybody who wants to become a digital nomad, anybody who wants to achieve financial freedom, anybody who wants to escape 9 to 5 job.

Q . Is there any refund policy?

A . If due to any reason you’ll not able to attend the workshop, then your full amount will be refunded. But you must tell us that before 3 hours of workshop and you will get your money refunded within 1-3 business days.

Q . In which language the workshop will conducted?

A . In hindi Language.

Q . Do i need a laptop to become a digital nomad?

A . Yes. You need a laptop.

Q . Do I need Investment to start Freelancing.

A . No. You do not need any investment.
New Piyush 2

“A little over 4 years ago, I was so burnt out I could barely function.” Nooo! It can’t happen to you Man. You have 68k Subscribers on YouTube and functional Freelancing business I don’t believe it. This might be your thought. But Don’t Forget guys


Let me give you a small tour of my life…

 As A kid I was decent in my studies not too intelligent not too average I was in middle. I score a good percentage in my 10th grade and as every Middle-Class Parent dreamed to make their child an Engineer.
I completed my Polytechnic and Got in my Second Year of Engineering. Everything was in routine there was no adventure in life and I was feeling like there is a vacuum in my life and something is missing
Oh! Btw I was heavily impacted or you can say inspired by Kabir from Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani especially from that line
“Naina Mujhe duniya ghumni hai”

I used to fantasize about earning money while traveling and exploring the world. Every morning I’d wake up in a panic mode and wonder if it was going to be the same hell today. Another mindless class, Another pile of books on my desk in which I have no interest.

Until One day. That day was my Judgment day. And I said to myself enough of this Man I don’t want to be in this shit hole where you Only work from Pay to paycheck and Die that Way. This one profound thought had a great impact on my journey I Immediately Dropped Out of My Engineering on the Same Day without any Plan. Can you believe it?

Quitting was the right thing to do at the time, and ultimately it got me to where I am wanted…. But man it was scary and a little stupid – I did everything the hard way and I struggled for a long-time.
Thankfully, you don’t have to take such drastic measures to change your life…

But I was not from a Rich family and you know if you are from a Middle-class family the first battle which you have to fight is with the Money. So, I instantly started Bing surfing on internet on how to earn money while traveling and Somewhere I got to know About Freelancing.
And I thought let’s give a shot at this and the Rest is History.

  Freelancing has Given Me the freedom to travel the world without thinking about money.

While traveling I thought there are so many struggling Piyush in Our society who don’t know how to escape this. and that’s where the idea to make a Valuable workshop was born.
Btw it has helped lots of people to achieve their financial freedom. it can help you too…so what do you say let’s start your journey with me?

Think Again!

Total Value Of This Workshop Is Rs.24,999/-

But For Today Everything yours at Rs.24,999. Rs.499/- Only.

Thousands of People Benefited

So, What are you waiting for? Register Now!

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